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  • How will I receive my branding?
    Once we receive your color palette and typography choices, we will implement your brand guidelines and deliver your branding (logo files and brand guidelines) via email! Your brand book will be designed in standard 8.5x11 sized pages, easily able to be printed if you choose.
  • How many times is a logo concept sold?
    Each concept is only sold a limited number of times to maintain differentiation for each brand. We continuously roll out new brand identity concepts, color palettes, and typography sets and retire ones who have met their quota! Keep an eye out for our Last Chance Sales - a last chance to get one of your favorites before it retires.
  • A few of my logo variations are a little different than the example... why is that?
    A perk of Buildable Branding - once you select your brand concept, our experts strategically implement your provided information, resulting in a bespoke logo suite that will be most useful for your business. Some slight variations may occur depending on differing provided information and business type in comparison to the examples. Rest assured our designers have your business's best interest in mind every step of the way!
  • Do I have to use all of the provided logos? My brand doesn’t have an established year, etc.
    No! We provide a full suite of logos ensuring there are plenty of variations to utilize for the many different business types that may select a set. Final logo presentations may vary slightly based on what information is provided. Make sure to share any relevant subtext during the checkout process, and our design team will customize your logo set accordingly.
  • Can you help choose my color palette and typography?
    All of our brand assets are designed to smoothly integrate when mixed and matched, so feel free to get creative and choose the sets that you feel will best resonate with your audience! If selections are not made within 4 days, our team will move forward with assembling your brand guidelines and will thoughtfully select the best color palette and typography pairing based on your logo concept and business information. Remember, revisions are not included, so make sure to make your selections within 4 days unless you would like our team to select them for you!
  • Can you revise a concept based on my ideas?
    Due to the expedited and cost-effective nature of Buildable Branding, customizations and revisions are not included. If you would like to discuss a custom branding project, please reach out to the design team at - we would be happy to hear your ideas and put together a project outline!
  • What if I change my mind?
    Due to the nature of the product, we do not provide refunds or exchanges. Please reach out with any questions before submitting your order. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us and let us know.
  • Can I edit my logo later?
    While we provide vector EPS logo files, all text will be outlined for optimal quality. Make sure your business information is accurate, as logos and text will not be editable after delivery!
  • Can you design a custom business card, letterhead, website etc. for my brand?
    We can definitely take your brand further! Reach out at to have custom brand items designed for your business based on your Buildable Brand. We offer Buildable Branding customers 10% off custom design at Ethos.
  • Are the photos shown included with my branding?
    No, the stock photos shown aren't included, but we'll share our sources! We get our stock photos from the & - free stock photos from incredibly talented photographers. Enjoy choosing quality stock photos that suit your brand, and use your new logo files to create brand assets.


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